Herbal Tea - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU 250 gram

Herbal Tea - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU 250 gram

Forest bitter melon is dried at the appropriate temperature to ensure its available pharmaceutical values same as the one of fresh forest bitter melon. It is combined with Stevia to make a type of herbal tea containing slightly sweet taste.
  • Brand: Mudaru
  • Producer: TNB Vietnam
What is forest bitter melon?

Forest bitter melon is one kind of food which has been used to process a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes. Besides, forest bitter melon has also been used as herbal medicine which is very good for health. Mudaru Forest bitter melon tea is produced from 100% of natural forest bitter melon and do not use any preservatives.

Ingredients: 80% Forest bitter melon.20% Stevia

Forest bitter melon wire contains biological activation which are mainly cucurbitacin, momordicin and some glycosides, and compounds of terpenoid. According to scientific research forest bitter melon extract contains activation against virusherpes simplex type 1 due to compounds of momordicins.

Health effects

Forest bitter melon can support to reverse process of aging, balance blood glucose, and treat some diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat and goutte. Besides, this is also one kind of food containing less calories so it can support well for people on diet.


Mudaru Forest bitter melon herbal tea is packed in aluminum bag with logo Mudaru- Natural & Original which has prominent printing at the front and the back side of the bag. The product name – Forest bitter melon printed under the logo. Advertising photos, product quantity and other information are printed at the front side of the bag. Besides, Anti-counterfeit stamp is stuck at the corner of the bag. Information on the stamp includes: The logo TNB Vietnam and producer name TNB Vietnam Corporation.

At back of the bag is useful information: Effects of forest bitter melon, Ingredients, Usage and preservative, Information of producer, announced certificate number for functional food and bar code…

Announced certificate number: 187/2016/YTCT-XNCB.

Barcode:  8936109960018

Name of product: Mudaru - Forest bitter melon Herbal tea - 250 gram

Producer: TNB Vietnam Corp

Origin: Vietnam

Packing: Bag 250 grams

Expiry date: 24 months from manufacturing date.


 - Add 3 - 5g of tea to the cup or jar, add enough boiling water and wait 5-10 minutes to use. Depending on your preference for hot or cold tea, sweet or bar ... So you can add ices and sugar, honey, stevia (sweet grass)...

- Good for people who are on a diet, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol or who have heart problems. This product can be used instead of drinking water.

- Keep the product wrapped in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.