Capsule - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU - Box 30 capsules
Capsule - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU - Box 30 capsules
Capsule - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU - Box 30 capsules
Capsule - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU - Box 30 capsules

Capsule - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU - Box 30 capsules

For the first time in Vietnam, consumers can approach and use Forest Bitter Melon easily, conveniently and more quickly with the products “Capsule - Forest Bitter Melon MUDARU - Box 30 capsules”
  • Brand: Mudaru
  • Producer: TNB Vietnam

Forest bitter melon (on “Cây Thuốc và Động Vật Làm Thuốc ở Việt Nam”, Published by KH & KT HN, in 2011, volume II, page 335) is a bitter, cool, non-toxic that helps to relieve heat, melt sputum, decrease cough caused by lung disease ... some uses of forest bitter melon:

Treatment of diabetes: having the same biological effects as insulin therefore increasing the excretion of insulin and supporting the metabolism in providing the blood with glucose quickly and efficiently with very small doses. Use 3 times per day, using only 1.5 gram dried forest bitter melon after meals can help hypoglycemia. Being beneficial for type II diabetes patients

Blood glucose balanceand hypoglycemic: reducing high blood pressure, decreasing blood fat, liver fat, and dissolve kidney stones. In particular, forest bitter melon helps reduce coronary atherosclerosis, effectively protecting the heart from arterial blockages. (Causes of aging and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, nerve damage, blood lipid disorders, urinary infections)

Cancer Prevention: vitamin C and protein in forest bitter melon helps increase immunity and works against cancer cells.

Treatment of cough: wash forest bitter melon andcut in half, or cooking 20-30g of dried fruit anddrink daily.

Weight loss: thanks to increasing glucose oxidation it prevents glucose absorptioninto the cells, inhibits the effects of the synthetic glucose enzyme, reducing lipids in the blood and keeping blood pressure balanced aiding both effective and safe weight loss. People using forest bitter melon with a normal diet every month lose 1-2 kilograms.

Treatment of Gout: forest bitter melon has effects on reducing uric acid. It is a useful support for people who are suffering from gout.


Forest Bitter Melon Capsule is used material from 100% of the natural Forest Bitter Melon (wire, fruit), without preservatives. Support for people with high blood pressure, cholesterol, people with diabetes, people who are on a diet or who have heart problems.


Each capsule contains 130mg of dried extract equivalent to dried herb material :

- Forest bitter melon: 1,300 mg

- Enough Magnesium stearate, talc553 (iii)


Used for 36 months from production date. Production date & expiry date printed on product packaging.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Take 1 - 2 pills twice a day, before a meal. Use round 2- 3 months to gain best result.


- Do not use for anemia, pregnant women or want to have baby.

- Children under 2 years old should limit to use.

- Frequent diarrhea.


Packed in box of 3 tablets x 10 capsules