About TNB Vietnam Corp & MUDARU

TNB Vietnam Corp is one of leading companies in Vietnam specializing in producing and providing products made from “FOREST BITTER MELON” and “STEVIA” with brand name as MUDARU for the main products such as Forest Bitter Melon Capsules, Forest Bitter Melon Tea Bags, Forest Bitter Melon Herbal Tea and other products made from forest bitter melon and stevia for future orientation. Our products are committed to be made from 100 percent of forest bitter melon without pesticide and produced by processing lines reaching standards of Ministry of Health.

TNB Vietnam Corp is an initiative business in developing bringing the model of cultivating forest bitter melon from high land areas to the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) to expand and make up convenient products to use for reducing blood pressure, stabilizing and supporting in treating diabetes, blood fat, high blood pressure and help people to detoxify, to purify their body, and to lose weight.


We has been investing in herbal cultivation areas toward organic orientation without using  chemicals, pesticides in order to make the best products which is good for health and take the initiative in preventing diseases.



TNB Vietnam products are manufactured in medicine factories with modern GMP processing lines with the hope to bring the highest quality products to consumers.